We all love our own children and we want our children to be successful in school. Joining Brain-Zone will definitely improve your child’s chance in such success. Here is some information for those commonly asked questions:

How would joining Brain-zone Full Brain IQ Development Program benefits my children? And how long will we see results?

Let us begin with a brief explanation of our program. We designed our program into 6 levels (level 1 to 4 is basic and level 5 to 6 is advance). The program is conducted in English language and each level is designed into 12 lessons. Each lesson lasts for a period of 2 hours and we require a lesson per week.

It is definitely beneficial to your children in many ways and to name a few – it will improve his/her concentration, IQ, memorizing ability and capability, however the progress and results of every individual child varies. Some parents may even see results after a few lessons. However, it is more common to see the improvements after 2 to 3 levels of our program.

Why Brain-Zone Full Brain IQ Development Program only caters children from the age of 4 to 12 ?

Based on various research reports, during the first 0-6 years of life, the brain of a child is wide open and the amazing thing is its capability of learning things at a very fast pace. This period is also considered to be the “Golden Moments” (prime times) of brain development to build the foundation of a child’s mind.

Our program requires children to hold pencil and able to write properly, hence our minimum age is 4 years old. Moreover, we determined that a 4 years old child is more capable of comprehending our program. On the other hand, we believe our program to be less effective for children that are above 12 years old.

Will this program improves my child’s ability to concentrate?

Yes. The objective of our 5-in-1 program is to assist you in building a strong foundation of your child’s mind. We aim to not only improve your child’s ability to concentrate but also his/her ability to memorize things in a faster pace, recollect larger amount of information, and increases your child’s self-condence.

What is Brain-zone Blindfolded Brain Activator Program (BBA)?

Within our brain, there is a section called the midbrain, also known as the mesencephalon, is a small region of the brain that serves as a communication center for visual, auditory, and motor systems information. It is also the bridge and a key to open the subconscious and potentials of the full brain. Midbrain activation awakens cerebrum’s potential power, to achieve highly effective memory, reversal of stress and improves absorbing power. With the help of alpha relaxation music, our BBA activity encourages the children to relax and focus by utilizing their senses beyond vision.

What is “alpha relaxation music” and why?

Alpha relaxation music is sound waves at the alpha-theta level. The alpha music helps to stimulate and awaken the midbrain. On the wave conditions at the level of alpha-theta, we can better concentrate and accomplish better overall performance.

How long is the duration of the program?

Brain-Zone Full Brain IQ Program is designed into 2 stages (basic and advance), our basic stage is a one year program (Level 1 to 4) and our advance stage is another 6 months program (Level 5 to 6).

Like any other things (learning a language for example), training the brain requires discipline and continuous regular training in order to be effective. Thus, we are exposed to the commonly known phrase “practice makes perfect”. We strongly believe in this principle and hence our program requires the commitment of a year.

How many kids are there in a class?

Our classes are separated into 2 categories (Junior & Primary). Our Junior classes are for children from the age of 4 to 6, and Primary class are for children from the age of 7 to 12. Junior classes are limited to a maximum of 8 kids and Primary classes are limited to a maximum of 12 kids.